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With scaled behavior change programs, we focus not just on the “what and why” but also the “how and now.” Our work is designed to motivate Bay Area residents to take personal action to fight climate change and our programs produce results. We focus on (educating and) engaging consumers to switch to driving electric because driving a gas car is the largest contributor to our individual carbon footprint.

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Since 2007 we’ve engaged children and parents with our K-5 climate education program in schools nationwide. In 2019, in order to increase our collective impact on climate, we narrowed our focus to clean energy and transportation and launched Drive Clean Bay Area, inspiring electric vehicle adoption through community, workplace, and consumer engagement.
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Drive Clean Bay Area

In 2018, Cool the Earth established Drive Clean Bay Area (DCBA), a nonprofit collaboration committed to clean air, a cool planet, and a healthy future for all. Cool the Earth remains the backbone for DCBA, providing services such as database management, communications and marketing, program development, and partner collaboration. Through education, behavior change programs, and preferred pricing, Drive Clean Bay Area helps individuals replace their gas car with an EV, effectively cutting their carbon footprint in half.

Switching from a gas car to an EV is the single most effective personal step to reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. While helping save the planet, EV drivers also save time, money and enjoy unparalleled driving performance.

Adopt a Polar Bear

Adopt a Polar Bear is a fun and empowering online program for students in grades K-5. The program teaches children about climate change and empowers them to lead their families in taking climate action around transportation and clean energy.

Our online program is an adaption of our in-person school assembly program that has been running for 13 years. Our free program is run by school volunteers and is open to all. It is available in English and Spanish and for all communities, including low income and disadvantaged schools.

Adopt a Polar Bear Program for kids
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