Cool the Earth’s
Reliable and Equitable
Transportation Initiative

Reliable and Equitable Transportation Initiative (RETI)

Cool the Earth created the Reliable and Equitable Transportation Initiative (RETI) with one goal: improve the reliability and usability of public EV charging infrastructure to meet driver expectations. RETI is data-driven. Its creative strategies and proven tactics will meet the needs of EV infrastructure today, with plans for an expansive future.

Cool the Earth collaborated with UC Berkeley to design and perform a first-of its-kind field study of every open-system DCFC plug in the Bay Area. Of the 657 plugs tested about 25% were not functional. The study was published on a pre-print site on March 30, 2022 and has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.

Cool the Earth authored a detailed white paper providing recommendations for specific design, performance, and service of stations that are subsidized with public funds. These requirements must be enforceable conditions of funding agreements with consequences for non-compliance.